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I am a family person. I love my family and spending time with them. I also enyoy creating things. I can't help myself. I am either creating or thinking about my next project at all times. It is a good thing that I am organized and a multi-tasker...

As for my work, I create functional, aesthetically pleasing artwork that adheres to the principles and elements of design. I believe that good design requires research, planning, and skill to be successful. I explore trends, techniques, and the world in general, using what inspires me to produce designs that fulfill the needs of my clients.

The work I produce demonstrates my artistic process to create functional, compelling graphic art that communicates information in a visually pleasing way. Each piece utilizes color, typography, photography, and graphic elements to create a cohesive design that highlights the brand I am working on. Color, type, and the repetition of shapes in these compositions adds movement that directs the viewers’ attention across each page and through the information being disseminated. Have a look at my portfolio, and see examples of my work. 


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